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Hosted Continuity is working toward a greener, cleaner world by providing the infrastructure for enabling environmental improvements throughout the global economy. The very foundation of our business enables enterprise networks to expand and adapt with the latest technologies without needless consumption of non-degradable products. Products that would otherwise end up in landfills. Hosted Continuity's corporate citizenship reflects both our brand and our values by addressing some of society's most complex problems with business and technology innovation that is responsible at every level.

A true advocate of positive change, Hosted Continuity develops meaningful internal programs that encourage employees to live environmentally friendly lifestyles at work, while at the same time giving back to their communities. Participating in strong causes such as local recycling efforts, and work-at-home programs, and staff fitness programs are just a few of the ways Hosted Continuity is working to make a difference.

As a business, Hosted Continuity will continue to deliver innovation that matters for our clients. We value innovation that positively affects not only our employees and their families but also the world around us.

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