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Successful businesses are not meccano sets

All aspects of what you do and how you do it need to be seamlessly integrated, working as one agile, dynamic organism.  It’s not common, but it is common to those businesses that not only succeed but thrive on change. 

If you’d like to be one of them, you need our Professional Services.

Hosted Continuity will advise and structure the kind of technology processes and systems you need to anticipate external forces and meet internal needs.  And we’ll provide professional, pro-active people from fix-up to complete re-build. 

Working with Hosted Continuity will help you turn organisational change from inevitable to positively desirable.

Project Management

When the wheels fall off, who do you call?  Hosted Continuity will assess your situation, develop recovery plans and get your business back on the rails with minimum fall-out.  We’ll also help you review a programme or project to establish whether it met expectations and where it might be improved.

Change Management

The new face of change management is Inclusive rather than imposed, consultative rather than coercive.  The results are faster acceptance and uptake with fewer negatives, less disruption and productivity loss. 

Business Continuity Management

Disruptions are inevitable; disasters aren’t.  Hosted Continuity’s Business Continuity Management system is regarded as being amongst the best in the business. We’ll help you minimise disruptions while providing emergency response and procedures; crisis management; disaster recovery; business recovery and resumption. 

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