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Hosted Continuity has been working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since our launch in 2009. Our customers range from small businesses to large blue chip companies.

We have developed a range of strategies and technologies which we can apply to project no matter what the size. CRM projects require a mix of business acumen and technical know-how, our experience in implementing Microsoft CRM in many businesses has allowed us to develop a clear insight into the unique challenge posed by CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you the capabilities needed to easily create and maintain a clear window on each one of your clients and active prospects, from initial contact right through to close and post-close activity. Customer Relationships are the backbone of your business. The problem has always been to encourage staff to take advantage of the benefits a Customer Relationship Management solution can bring. Microsoft Dynamics CRM addresses the issue by embedding CRM into the applications everyone uses every day, making it simple and intuitive to use.


Streamlines processes

  • Eliminates business-process chaos
  • Manage your customer lifecycles efficiently and effectively

User Friendly

  • Easy and quick to get up and running
  • Allows you to work entirely from Microsoft Office and Outlook
  • One place to keep all of your customer information
  • Easy to migrate existing contact data
  • Online, offline and mobile access


  • Can be customised to suit your specific needs
  • Will grow as your business grows

Improve management efficiency

  • Enable your IT team to deliver powerful CRM capabilities while keeping costs under control
  • Centralized management and streamlined tools help improve efficiency so IT professionals can concentrate on strategic business initiatives

Access to practical and professional reporting

  • Views are easy to configure to display the data you want to see
  • You can generate excel based reports at the touch of a button
  • Produce complex and professionally presented reports using BI tools

Hosted Continuity’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM now offers you powerful CRM functionality that can be implemented in organisations of all sizes

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