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Make your organisation more agile for today’s changing business environment with SOA. 

Point-to-point integration limits your organisation’s ability to be flexible in today’s constantly changing business environment. It results in slow development time, inefficient business processes and expensive maintenance costs.

Applying SOA principles identifies each system capability as a sharable IT asset that can be used by any application, thereby providing a much more efficient level of integration. Middleware solutions provide a platform to enable your SOA whilst leveraging your existing IT investments. Hosted Continuity views SOA services as the key to enable business benefits. It helps organizations to strategically align IT to their business process transformation needs. We provide SOA consulting, business process and technology transformation solutions based on SOA leveraging Hosted Continuity’s business, technology and infrastructure assets. The comprehensive SOA service set includes:

  • Enterprise SOA Transformation Services (SOA Consulting, SOA enablement, SOA Life Cycle Plan, SOA Reference Architecture)
  • SOA Business Process Services (Business Process Modelling, Optimization, Governance and Management)
  • SOA Package Application (ESOA) and Application Integration Solutions
  • SOA System Integration Services
  • Legacy Migration and Infrastructure Services (helping customers re-engineer products into SOA, providing a framework to measure business benefits through Service Oriented Infrastructure and Virtualization Solutions

Hosted Continuity has forged strategic alliances and partnerships for SOA with leading product and service vendors and partners Oracle and webMethods.

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