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Private Cloud

Hosted Continuity operates one of the most advanced, flexible and secure public clouds in Australia. Due to our size, we can provide an extensive list of features and very competitive rates on computing resources. This can be further extended to the provision of Private Clouds within our overall cloud infrastructure.

A Hosted Continuity Private Cloud solution allows the customer to grab a group of resources from our cloud infrastructure and to segregate it from the rest of the cloud in a secure and tightly controlled manner. Through the use of highly advanced virtual switches and firewalls, very complex and secure network configurations can be created.

Public Cloud

Hosted Continuity's public cloud provides virtualised compute, storage, and networking in a utility model to help simplify the management of your IT infrastructure and reduce cost. Our turnkey, fully managed services, combined with consulting support, provide an end-to-end IaaS solution by helping to assess and migrate your environment to the Cloud, while ensuring a strong return on investment.

Take advantage of all the capabilities Enterprise Cloud Services has to offer.

Disaster Recovery

Hosted Continuity's Disaster Recovery Service leverages our online backup service to deliver fully managed disaster recovery for a simple monthly operational expense, allowing customers to consolidate and save on their backup and disaster recovery spending. In the event of a disaster, Hosted Continuity's Disaster Recovery Cloud Service enables a customer's complete environment, including their servers, proprietary applications, firewalls and communications to be brought online either locally via the Hosted Continuity appliance or remotely at our dedicated Data Centre.

The Hosted Continuity Continuous Local & Remote replication provides enhanced recovery times for mission critical application groups.

Powered by a combination of local and remote continuous replication together with enterprise level data de-duplication, entire server images are captured real-time and continuously replicated at the byte level both locally to the Hosted Continuity Appliance and remotely to Hosted Continuity data centres. In the event of a disaster, Hosted Continuity's

Disaster Recovery Cloud Service allows the customer to recover locally (under 1 hour with zero date loss) from the Hosted Continuity Appliance or recover remotely (under two hours with zero data loss) just before the disaster occurred.

Simplified Disaster Recovery Testing

Hosted Continuity's Disaster Recovery Service accelerates recovery from a single server failure to a complete primary site outage. All aspects of the disaster recovery testing are managed and regularly carried out by Hosted Continuity as part of the managed service, providing peace of mind to organisations that their disaster recovery plan has been fully tested.

Enhanced Service Level Agreements

Hosted Continuity's Disaster Recovery Service provides enhanced Service Level Agreements (SLA) to customers over traditional disaster recovery strategies. Hosted Continuity's SLAs guarantee that data is being backed up and replicated off-site automatically, and provide an agreed response time following a declared disaster to assist organisations with their data recovery objectives.

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